Bubble packaging manufacturers are in Cloud9

Bubble packaging manufacturers are in Cloud9 as their products are in high demand because of their near perfect protective cushioning systems for fragile and/or high value products. With the passage of time bubble packaging manufacturers have evolved themselves to remain relevant by introducing latest technologies and products into the market. Today bubble packaging material is available in many widths in both small and large bubble sizes. Most of these materials are reusable thus relieving the user from the trouble of their disposal.

Bubble packaging manufacturersThough there are too many bubble packaging manufacturers, one need to be very careful while selecting the manufacturer and the products as there are plenty of poor quality and spurious products floating in the market the use of which may prove to be counter-productive and may fail to provide enough protection to the products. However, there are certain brands like PROTECbubble which has been around in the market for quite some time and is known for its quality and performance.

PROTECbubble manufactured by Supreme Industries is made of polymeric film comprising small air pockets and its symmetrical air bubble pattern ensures excellent cushioning and provides surface protection. It is versatile as it is available in different foam densities, customized fitments and sizes. Further, it is resilient and is impact resistant to absorb transportation shocks.

There are certain features which distinguish PROTECbubble from other products available in the market. For example, it is unaffected by temperature ranging from -40 to 70 degree centigrade and has moisture, fungi and chemicals resistance properties and is also non-toxic and odourless.

PROTECbubble enhances product life and improves product presentation, thus providing marketing support too. It also acts as void fill by ensuring that there is no movement within box.

PROTECbubble is a clean, easy to use and space saving bubble packaging material which braces product perfectly. It is widely used in packaging white goods, pharmaceutical equipment, electronic items, fruits and vegetables, furniture panels and profiles, etc.

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