Electronics foam packaging is becoming widespread

Electronics Foam Packaging is essential for providing a superior combination of anti-static properties and protection from impact and vibration. Processing, friction and other movement cause common packaging materials to develop electrostatic charges. Such electrostatic discharge can easily damage or even destroy sensitive electronic components. So proper care and caution is required in electronics foam packaging. It should be noted that electronic protection solutions are about a lot more than finding the least expensive material. The right solution is the one that combines the lowest total cost with the most reliable performance. Foam packaging materials offer the best protection because of their lightweight cushioning efficiency, cleanliness and workability. They stand up to repeated reuse, and protect sensitive products against impact, vibration and scratching. And, enhanced dimensional stability eliminates shrinking or swelling.

Electronics Foam PackagingElectronic foam packaging products are available in Polyethylene (PE), Anti-static Polyethylene (A/S PE), cross linked Polyethylene (XLPE), Polyurethane (PU) and Anti-static Polyurethane (A/S PU), as well as conductive and static dissipative materials. Supreme Industries has several foam packaging products which are used widely in electronics industry. Some of them are:

PROTECbubble with its symmetrical air bubble pattern is a must for electronics foam packaging as it offers excellent cushioning and provides protection against transit damage. Special anti-static grades are available for electronics goods packaging. Most importantly, it is transparent, hygienic, dust-free and non-toxic making it ideal choice in electronics foam packaging. It provides shock-proof and abrasion-resistant packaging.

Because of its excellent vibration dampening and insulation properties PROTEClitelon is the most sought after product in electronics foam packaging. It is available in roll as well as sheet forms. It has expanded polyethylene foam of a closed-cell structure and has high impact resistance quality. It is crumble proof and has relatively higher tensile/tear strength.

PROTECarmour with special anti-static grade is specially meant for electronics packaging. It is a non-crosslinked, expanded polyethylene foam of a closed-cell structure and is widely used for dust covers, corner pads, support pads, EPE buffers – customised foam packaging buffers, encapsulation blocks, display usage etc. It is the preferred in electronics industry because of its lightweight cushioning efficiency, cleanliness and workability.

These products are also environmentally friendly because they are recyclable and capable of being reused several times while continuing to deliver consistent protection.

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