Formerly: SilAir

Air Bubble Film (ABF)

PROTECbubble is a flexible packaging and cushioning material made of polymeric film comprising of small air pockets. The symmetrical air bubble pattern ensures excellent cushioning & provides protection against transit damage. PROTECbubble offers most cost effective protection for all your basic packaging needs. ‘It is manufactured using the right proportion of special polymers to provide assured protection to the product throughout its life span.


  • Transparent, hygienic and dust free
  • Can be easily wrapped around the product for cushioning
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable, lightweight and non-dusting
  • Flexible and elastic – easy to cut, fabricate and wrap around
  • Provides excellent surface protection against accidental impact & scratches
  • High impact resistant – crumble proof and relatively higher tensile/tear strength
  • Non-toxic and odourless. Resistant to moisture, fungi and chemicals
  • Unaffected by temperature ranging from -40˚C to 70˚C
  • CFC free – environment friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Special anti-static bubble film grades available for ESD applications
  • Various laminates available such as foam, film (printed or unprinted)
  • Can be supplied in roll form or in customized fabricated forms such as pouches, cut pieces, wraparounds etc.



  • Packaging solutions: dust covers, bubble wrap etc. for fragile items like glassware, mirrors, picture frames, ceramics, chinaware, pottery, handicrafts etc.
  • Anti-static packaging covers
  • Packaging of consumer durables and white goods like TV covers, Refrigerator packaging, LCD / LED packaging etc.
  • Packing material for painted surface of components
  • Packaging of pharmaceutical, dental and optical equipments
  • Packaging and cushioning solutions for automobiles like transit packing of vehicles, returnable / multiple use packing material, domestic and exports spares packing, component packing, packing material for 2-wheelers etc.
  • Packaging of highly polished and sensitive items like electronic gadgets, appliances & scientific instruments
  • Packaging of electronics & machinery, sensitive IT merchandise
  • Engineering components, industrial parts & automobile spare parts packaging
  • Packaging and cushioning of furniture panels & profiles
  • Polished rolls
  • Fruits & vegetables packaging
  • Fragile item packaging – packaging of glass sheets, glassware, mirrors, picture frames, ceramics, chinaware, pottery, handicrafts etc.


* Composite packaging solutions / customised fabricated packaging products can be designed for specific requirements.