Crosslinked polyethylene foam (XLPE)

PROTECcapcell-epdm is a range of closed-cell & open-cell EPDM blended crosslinked block foams available in various densities & hardness for applications like tapes and gaskets

Closed-cell PROTECcapcell-epdm


  • Closed-cell foam structure
  • Uniform closed-cell, microcellular structure
  • Soft and easily compressible
  • Anti-skid with good resilience and chemical resistance
  • Non-water absorbent foam, ideal for sealing application
  • Offers better reliability & reusability
  • Good contact adhesion with flange surfaces
  • Offers better reliability & reusability
  • Easy to cut, fabricate, perforate die-punch, laminate and emboss
  • Ideal for low pressure low temperature sealing gasket application in automotives, appliances etc.
  • Available in various thickness & sizes


Open-cell PROTECcapcell-epdm (R1108)


  • Open-cell foam structure
  • Soft and easily compressible
  • Can have positive sealing as it can be compressed easily
  • Excellent resilience, therefore suitable for demanding applications
  • EPDM suitable for outdoor applications as it offers excellent weathering / Ozone resistance
  • Ideal for automotive weather shielding & gaskets used in appliance industries
  • Available in various thickness



  • Gasketing in: Electrical panels, low pressure plumbing applications, automotive applications such as mirror packing support, headlight support gaskets, die-cut gaskets, EPDM gaskets etc.
  • Sports & recreation goods: Garment lining, life jackets / life vests, sleeping bag inserts, gloves inner etc.
  • Mats and mattresses: Trekking mattress, yoga & aerobic mats, high jump mats, camping mats, water slide mats, gymnasium mats, beach mats, martial arts mats, inter-locking mats, kids’ room mats etc.
  • Footwear: Shoe insoles, shoe uppers, chappals, slippers, bathroom slippers, use & throw slip-ons, toe support, cushion padding etc.
  • Tape substrate: Suitable for adhesive lamination & tape making applications, self adhesive pads and many more…