Customized, composite laminates for demanding applications in packaging and cushioning

PROTEClaminates is range with a variety of product combinations designed specifically for various challenging applications in packaging and cushioning.

PROTEClitelon + Woven sack
PROTEClitelon + HMHD film (printed / un-printed)
PROTEClitelon + Silpaulin
PROTEClitelon + HDPE film
PROTECbubble 3 layer (printed / un-printed)
PROTECbubble + Silpaulin
PROTECbubble + PROTEClitelon on the back side\
PROTECbubble (in the middle) + non-woven fabric (one side) + HM film (other side)


Transit covers
Anti-vibration pads / load bearing pads
Gaskets & seals
Returnable packaging solutions / crates
Packaging and cushioning solutions for:
Spares & OE components of electronics & machinery
Highly polished and sensitive items
Plastic moulded components
Forged compo