Crosslinked polyethylene foam (XLPE)

PROTEClitecell is a closed-cell, crosslinked dual expansion PE/EVA foam manufactured by block process. It offers unique features like high strength, good mechanical properties at much lower weight. PROTEClitecell is a thermo-formable foam packaging material – an ideal choice for various demanding applications.


  • Very fine microcellular closed-cell crosslinked structure that offers better aesthetics – ideal for promotional goods
  • Manufactured by bun process in two-stage expansion under license from patented Japanese technology first time in India
  • Available in a single block of 100mm thickness
  • Extremely lightweight yet reasonably good mechanical strength
  • Excellent buoyancy – ideal for floatation devices, swimming aids etc.
  • Non-toxic and excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Non-abrasive, non-porous & negligible water absorption
  • Environmental friendly – CFC free manufacturing process
  • Shock absorbing – can take repetitive shocks
  • Thermoforming capabilities for specialty mats & components



  • Toys and games: Jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, small toys, DYI foam kits etc.
  • Promotional items: Caps, hats, key chains, hand wavers, wavers, visors, head bands etc.
  • Packaging and cushioning: Case insert, box lining, protective pads, corner pads, partition lining, tapes & gaskets, returnable packaging, heavy machinery packaging pads, space fillers etc.
  • Sports & recreation goods: Swim vests, body protection accessories, cushion lining of sports gloves, backpack padding, cushion lining of protective helmets and many more…
  • Leather Industry: Wallet packing, wallet insert, mobile pouch, lap top pad, money purse, replacement of Rexene cloth, suit case pad, life jacket liner, leather bags inserts, leather suitcase handle etc.
  • Footwear: Shoe insole for exports, shoe collar packing, sports shoe heal pad, shoe upper linear, shoe heal cap, orthopedic shoe etc.
  • Mats and mattresses: Trekking mattress, yoga & aerobic mats, high jump mats, camping mats, water slide mats, gymnasium mats, beach mats, martial arts mats, inter-locking mats, kids’ room mats etc.
  • Industrial: Adhesive laminated cold application gaskets, adhesive laminated tapes, carpet underlay pads, door trims, auto door trims etc.


* Composite packaging solutions / customised fabricated packaging products can be designed for specific requirements.