packaging and cushioning foam

Formerly: Hitlon / Profil / Litelon

Expanded polyethylene foam (EPE / PE)


PROTEClitelon is a general purpose, expanded polyethylene foam of a closed-cell structure. It is a high performance product for virtually all packaging and cushioning requirements. It fulfils your requirements for packaging, transportation and marketing objectives that are functional and cost-effective.


  • Durable, lightweight and non-dusting
  • Flexible and elastic – easy to cut, fabricate, wrap around, perforate and seal
  • High impact resistant – crumble proof and relatively higher tensile/tear strength
  • Non-toxic and odourless. Resistant to moisture, fungi and chemicals
  • Unaffected by temperature ranging from -40˚C to 70˚C
  • CFC free – environment friendly and completely recyclable
  • Special anti-static packaging PE foam grades available – ESD packing, HMHD laminated foam for covers, mattress foam etc.



  • Packaging solutions: dust covers, bubble wrap, corner pads, support pads
  • Packaging and cushioning buffers – customised foam packaging buffers, encapsulation blocks, display usage etc.
  • Anti-static packaging covers
  • Packaging of consumer durables and white goods like TV covers, Refrigerator packaging, LCD / LED packaging etc.
  • Packaging and cushioning solutions for Automobiles: carpet underlays, gaskets, seat cushion inserts, door liners, side / roof panels etc. Transit packing of vehicles, returnable / multiple use packing material, domestic and exports spares packing, component packing, packing material for 2-wheelers, steering wheel covers, windshield covers, die-punch wheel arch pads etc.
  • Packing material for painted surface of components
  • Sports & recreation goods: protective foam gears (arm / elbow / leg / shoulder pads), PE foam mats and mattresses, garment insulation, helmet lining, life jackets / life vests, sleeping bag underlay, shoe insoles, gloves, ski belts and many more…
  • Packaging of electronics & machinery
  • Fragile item packaging – packaging of glass sheets, glassware, mirrors, picture frames, ceramics, chinaware, pottery, handicrafts etc.
  • Packaging of highly polished and sensitive items
  • Packaging material for sensitive IT merchandise
  • Freight forwarders

* Composite packaging solutions / customised fabricated packaging products can be designed for specific requirements.