Reticulated PU foam / filter foam

PROTECregisil is a range of engineered Polyester / Polyether foams that exhibit controlled porosity & fully open-cell structure.


  • Unique cell structure with complete porosity, ideal for filtration
  • High mechanical strength
  • Available from 8 PPI to 80 PPI grades as well as in pre-polymer foamsPROTECregisil - Reticulated PU foam / filter foam
  • Ideal for dusty conditions as it can arrest dust without affecting the performance much
  • Reticulated foam construction is 16 times thicker than paper (Typically 1” thick)
  • Whole body filters – Outstanding dust holding capacity
  • The ability to wash & reuse – Very economical & long lasting



  • Filter applications: Two-wheeler filter element, small engines, air compressors, diesel generator sets, textile air filters, face masks, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, school & motel unit ventilators, oil-mist eliminators, hair dryers, industrial panels, servers, electric equipment, projector equipment, dust bag collectors etc.
  • Polyurethane (PU) foam mattress
  • Noise suppression: Microwave covers, industrial vacuum cleaners and high intensity sound


Miscellaneous: Polishing pads, floor scrubber pads, filters in hydraulic line, lint free wiper for clean rooms, pre-filter for liquid filter, paint brush applicators, foundation for ceramic & metalized high tech filters, pharma packing