PROTECbubble – A Bubble wrap roll for complete protection

PROTECbubble – A Bubble wrap roll for complete protection. Bubble wrap roll is a polymeric cushioning material forming air chambers used to keeps objects protected whether they’re in the store or on the move. Bubble wrap rolls provide a barrier layer around the product that maintains consistent cushioning and a long lasting protection and also fill up empty voids when packaging boxes ensuring valuables stay put during mailing, shipping, moving and storage. Preventing damage reduces the risk of having to send expensive replacement items.

PROTECbubble - A Bubble wrap roll for complete protectionBubble wrap rolls come in many different forms, lengths, and cell sizes. The size of the cell (bubble) too can vary to suit the specific packing requirement. Small bubble wrap roll provides protection for finished surfaces of items to prevent scratches, denting, and chipping. The medium bubble wrap roll is used for heavier items that need surface protection or shock absorption.  The large bubble wrap roll is used as void fill to fill empty space that is left in the moving box once it’s been packed.

PROTECbubble manufactured by Supreme Industries is one such product which has multiple applications and is vouched by the users for its quality and performance.

PROTECbubble is a flexible polymeric film comprising small air pockets used widely to provide a protective layer around items within shipping boxes or envelopes to prevent damage. PROTECbubble which is available in roll form is used for layering and cushioning. It also serves as economical, fast and easy to use void fill material in packaging. PROTECbubble with its clear design protects and maintains visibility of wrapped objects. It is lightweight, water resistant, reusable and non-scratching. Further, it is resilient and is impact resistant to absorb transportation shocks.

PROTECbubble is available in various sizes and is widely used in packaging white goods, pharmaceutical equipment, electronic items, fruits and vegetables, furniture panels & profiles, etc. Also special anti-static grades are available which are used for packing electronic goods.

PROTECbubble is designed with maximum efficiency to provide the right type of protection while at the same time being less laborious and saving your packing time. Stay within your budget with durable, multipurpose PROTECbubble that provides cushioning for any item that you need to ship out.

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