Supreme Industries’ antistatic foam packaging to protect electronic items

Supreme Industries’ antistatic foam packaging to protect electronic items. Antistatic foam packaging is a lightweight and non-abrasive way to protect delicate electronic products from static discharge during transportation and handling. Its unique properties allow the foam to slowly dissipate electro-static charges given off by neighbouring components, the component itself or even human handlers during the course of transportation. Antistatic foam packaging is excellent for cushioning sensitive cirSupreme Industries’ antistatic foam packaging to protect electronic itemscuit boards, computer chips and other electronics.

In case of antistatic foam packaging, it is advisable to use polyethylene foam because of its better shock absorbing qualities. Also closed-cell foam padding is a great way to dampen the effects of vibration. Antistatic foam packaging made of polyethylene foam makes it an excellent packaging material for items that may receive indelicate handling or require long-distance transportation. Such polyethylene foam can be chemically formulated to dissipate electro-static charges given off by components or people, providing safe transport for the delicate electronics.

In India Supreme Industries is a major supplier of antistatic foam packaging with several products in its portfolio like PROTECarmour and PROTECbubble.

PROTECarmour is an expanded polyethylene foam of a closed-cell structure that ensures total protection of product. Special antistatic grade which is available is ideal for packaging delicate electronic goods. It has high impact resistance quality which makes it crumble proof and gives relatively higher tensile/tear strength. It is an environment friendly CFC free product which can be completely recycled.

PROTECbubble is a flexible packaging and cushioning material made of polymeric film comprising small air pockets and special antistatic grades are available which can be used for packaging of electronic goods. It provides the simplest and the most cost effective method of packaging as it can be easily wrapped around the product for cushioning. It also provides excellent surface protection against accidental impact and scratches.

Antistatic foam packaging supplied by Supreme Industries is durable, lightweight, and resilient, the perfect material for protecting products that are high in value and relatively fragile. These packaging materials are robust enough to be reused so you can cut down both your packaging costs and the amount of waste produced.

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