Supreme Industries’ foam packaging block liners can ensure damage free shipping

Foam packaging block liners are often used to create an unbreakable protective cover around the product to be shipped so as to avoid any scratches or damages to the product. Perfectly packaged boxes using foam packaging block liners can ensure that goods are not devalued during delivery. One of the features of these high quality foam packaging block liners is that they hold their shape after several uses thus enhancing their utility. They are ideal for blocking and bracing small, medium and heavy weight items of almost any shape and size. One can also use foam sheets for cushioning fragile items during packing, shipping and storage. It is one of the most economical materials available to keep your product stable or to help protect it from damage.

Foam packaging blocks

Foam packaging block liners are the perfect packaging material which are lightweight and strong enough to provide maximum protection to valuable products. They will even slow down the change of temperature. However, while selecting the foam packaging block liners one need to be very particular about the quality and its performance. It is always advisable to go for established suppliers like Supreme Industries than chase the unknown brands. Incidentally, Supreme Industries is one of the major suppliers of foam packaging block liners and it has brands like PROTECcapcell and PROTEClitecell in its portfolio.

PROTECcapcell is a foam block liner which is available in varying thickness, density, width and hardness and has extremely fine microcellular structure. It is a closed-cell, crosslinked polyethylene / EVA / rubber foam which is light in weight with high buoyancy thus making it highly suitable for packaging.

PROTEClitecell has very fine microcellular closed-cell crosslinked structure that offers better aesthetics and is a thermo-formable foam packaging material – an ideal choice for various demanding applications. It is extremely light in weight with reasonably good mechanical strength and is available in a single block of 100mm thickness.

Both these products have multi-utilities and are widely used for case insert, box lining, protective pads, corner pads, partition lining, tapes & gaskets, returnable packaging, heavy machinery packaging pads, space fillers etc.

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