Use moisture protection packaging to avoid rusting

Moisture protection packaging aims to protect goods against corrosive damage caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, salt spray, aromas, grease and other airborne contaminants. It should be noted that corrosion and rusting of material and cargo during transportation and shipment cause millions of dollars loss every year. One of the major causes of corrosion is existence of moisture and humidity. During transportation of goods, presence of humidity takes place because of temperature difference. Moisture protection packaging eliminates replacements costs due to damage that could render equipment or products inoperable. It also maintains integrity of products by keeping them clean, corrosion-free and ready to use. It reduces risk of prolonged exposure to uncontrollable environmental conditions by providing products with long-term moisture vapour barrier protection.

Moisture Protection PackagingTo protect the material from corrosion and rust, it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that cargo is properly protected by using moisture protection packaging material. Moisture barrier property depends upon what type of material is used. In other words type of material used in manufacturing and its thickness will be important criteria to the control the level of moisture.

PROTECarmour is expanded polyethylene foam of a closed-cell structure and can be used as moisture protection packaging material. In addition to this, its high impact resistant quality makes it ideal packaging material to pack consumer durables, electronic items, pharmaceutical equipment, automobiles and automobile spare parts, etc. In fact it is ideal packaging material for both metallic and non-metallic products.

PROTECcapcell is a closed-cell, crosslinked polyethylene / EVA / rubber foam manufactured in block form and has extremely fine microcellular structure. Along with other features it provides high degree of resistance to moisture, fungi, bacteria and chemicals. As a result it is widely used in packaging and cushioning solutions for automobiles like foam gap fillers, foam gaskets, die-cut gaskets, anti-rattle pads, seals, door trims, cable supports, insulation liners, parcel tray liners, head liner, acoustic liners, bumper support, boot liners, bonnet insulation, balata replacement and self-adhesive backed pads.

Further, these polymer based packaging products have added advantage of light weight and multi-purpose utility especially in a tropical country like India. That’s why they are always preferred over other types of packaging materials.

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