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Industrial foam packaging materials are used to pack industrial products like electricals & electronics, engineering, molded accessories and automobiles. In today’s highly competitive world, the need for efficient material handling of complicated and critical industrial products has increased tremendously. Industrial foam packaging materials are widely used to ensure that the quality of products manufactured at factory level will reach the customer end at same level.

Industrial foam packaging materialsUsually industrial packaging is purpose-and product-driven and therefore packaging material should be flexible, surface sensitive, lightweight and shock absorbing. Since foam packaging materials have all these qualities, they are nowadays increasingly used in industrial packaging. Further, these foam based packaging materials are inherently water resistant, inert to most organic and inorganic chemicals and stand up to mishandling and abuse. It all adds up to longer shelf life and better packaging appearance over time. Lightweight packaging foam sheets are odour-free, non-dusting and resistant to moisture. They can be cut into custom shapes, to your custom dimensions, or convoluted.

The Protective Packaging Division of Supreme Industries offers the most cost effective and environment friendly solutions for industrial packaging needs. The company has several products in its portfolio to cater to the different packaging needs of the industries.

PROTEClitelon is a CFC free, environment friendly and completely recyclable packaging material which can be used for industrial and individual packaging needs. Its special anti-static packaging PE foam grades are also available thus enhancing its utility in wider applications. Its application as a packaging material varies from automobile, heavy machineries industries to electronics industry. It is available in roll as well as sheet forms.

PROTECbubble with its symmetrical air bubble pattern has a multitude of uses in many different industries as it is available in roll form or in customized fabricated forms such as pouches, cut pieces, wraparounds etc. As it provides excellent surface protection against accidental impact and scratches it is used for packaging engineering components, industrial parts and automobile spare parts.

PROTECarmour is a non-toxic and odourless packing material with relatively higher tensile/tear strength. As it is easy to cut, fabricate, wrap around, perforate and seal, PROTECarmour is widely used in industrial packaging.

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